Learn to Use Plastic Boxes and its Benefits

By a fluted Polypropylene Sheet we mean a container with rigid walls, generally paralleled, and made with polymeric material through the injection process. In general terms, the process of manufacturing by injection starts from the material in the form of pellets, which is introduced through a hopper in a worm where it is melted. Subsequently the material is injected under pressure in a mold that gives the shape to the container. This mold has its refrigerated walls which makes the container in contact with them cool. Finally the mold is opened and the container is extracted.

The materials used for manufacturing depend to a large extent on the use that the box will have. In this way the plastic boxes can be classified into: single-use boxes and plastic package boxes reusable boxes.


Single-use Boxes: The most common manufacturing materials are: polystyrene, poly carbonate and expanded polystyrene.

Polystyrene (PS) and Poly carbonate (PC): Its main use is the manufacture of fluted Polypropylene Sheet , transparent boxes, generally of small format.

PS expanded (EPS): This material is used for the manufacture of containers intended to contain products that need thermal protection, since the EPS acts as an insulator.

Reusable Boxes: Polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE) are generally used as manufacturing materials. The use of one material or another is marked by the working conditions to which it will be subjected. The PP is especially indicated to work in conditions of high temperature, while the HDPE is to work in conditions of low temperature (even freezing). For standard working temperatures both materials are suitable.

This technical section develops the plastic package boxes called reusable boxes

Main technical characteristics: The plastic package boxes have multiple applications which make the features are diverse. Among the characteristics that a reusable box can have, the following can be highlighted:

Stack able: They are boxes whose design facilitates being superimposed one on top of another, transporting in a stable way the product contained in them without it being damaged.

Fit table: They are boxes whose design facilitates being placed one inside the other, thus facilitating their transport when they are empty.



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